Maris Equi Meta Fashion

The Constantine Collection first made its debut at the New York Fashion Week 2022 in February. Since then it has been presented in the El Paso Swim and Cruise as well as Fashion Week Columbus.

This collection is our first collection that's fully developed digitally. Modern technology, AI technology as well as 3D fashion was fully incorporated into the designing process of the Constantine Collection. The 3D model of some of the swim briefs can be viewed and interacted with in their respective product pages while the jackets are available to be worn digitally via 


As we are gearing up for our next season, we have made a digital fashion show featuring the styles from our SS23 Collection titled "Ivy League".  This collection was inspired by college life and all the different extracurricular activities as well as the different teams one can be part of. College life was so memorable for both Matt and Rian so this is our way to relive the good memories when we were maneuvering the life of young adults. Some of the elements we were inspired by include basketball, football, baseball, tartan, librarian, equestrian, lab/scientist, marching band, and ROTC. Can you guess and connect which look is for which theme?